At PG Gurukul we follow European norms closer to BHPA and FAI levels. For our students we process international licence , the FAI IPPI cards, via HFFA.

So far, in India Paragliding is truly Free-Flying.

Except for state of Himachal Pradesh no other state has made any rules to regulate paragliding. And what rules himachal pradesh govt through himachat tourism department has made are not necessarilly a step forward. please download scanned coppies of the notified rules here ( please send your feedback on these rules to himachal tourism.


For rest of the country there is no national body regulating the sport .
No equipment certification system.
No airworthiness for paragliding equipment. No third party insurance requirement and no national license, so far.
However… do respect air laws and air traffic zones. Stay away from civil /defense airports and military bases. This has landed foreign pilots in trouble. There are no airmaps available for paragliding pilots so contact local flyers regarding suitability of chosen site to fly.

Baring these common sense things you can fly almost anywhere you fancy.

This lack of regulation is a dual edged sword though….it also means there is no protection to paragliding as sport and no recognition. This total freedom to fly almost anywhere has enticed inexperienced pilots to bite more than they can chew. So if you are visiting India please be as responsible a flyer as you would be in your own country (at least).

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