Dining in Bir

All that paragliding can make you hungry. Here are some places to eat in Bir

Restaurants in Bir Tibetan Colony

  • Blue Umbrella cafe is being reintroduced right near landing
  • Punjabi Rasoi for best punjabi food
  • Garden Café serves the best traveler food (pasta, salads, etc.) in the colony.
  • Silver lining cafe.. 9 to 6 classy cool cafe
  • june 16.. a lovely lil new cafe with a romantic storyin the name.
  • Little Places: There are three tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants just a few steps west of the Hotel Surya where you can find good momos, parathas, and simple Indian meals.

Restaurants in Upper Bir

  • Four Tables: Run by an Indian from Germany who cooks very well. Moved a bit above town, and likely you’ll need a taxi to find it, at least the fist time.
  • Lhakpa Café in the main bazaar of Upper Bir serves tasty veg momos, but they usually run out around 1:00pm so get there early.
  • Bhawani Guest House, near the west end of Bir serves a wide variety of healthy and delicious food, but order in advance.
  • Panditji, just west of the main intersection in Upper Bir, makes good samosas and pakoras in his shop (not signposted), and is a gentle and warm spirit.

Restaurants in the Western Outskirts of Bir

  • Ekant Homestay has a very good cook who has traveled extensively (in Ghornala Village, north of the road that goes between Bir and Sherab Ling).
  • Sherab Ling Monastery has a simple restaurant that gets mixed reports.
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